2017 Application Information

2017 Applications Coming Soon!

Application Instructions

  • All applications must be completed in their entirety; applications not adequately completed will NOT be accepted, resulting in no line-up position.
  • Please keep a copy of your application for your records.
  • You will notice that for each category, we are asking that you tell us the approximate number of youth anticipated. This information is important because we will be giving each youth a ‘bracelet’ which entitles him/her to a free hot dog and soda at the Hudson Boat Club at the end of the parade. The number of bracelets distributed to your group will be based upon the information supplied to us on the application.
  • Application deadline is May 1st, 2017! Applications received late, may result in position of LAST DIVISION of parade line-up and may NOT be announced at the reviewing stand.
  • When providing the narrative about your organization, please remember, this is what the announcer at the reviewing stand will be reading, so write this appropriately.
  • All accepted applications will be posted on the Flag Day Web site under "Parade Participants"; if you do not see your organization listed as of June 1st, you must contact us via the link on the site to insure placement in the parade.

We will NOT be confirming receipt of applications – however, if your organization mandates confirmation of receipt (and acceptance of your application) you MUST complete that portion of the application so that we can contact the proper party.

Mail completed applications to:
Hudson Flag Day Parade, Inc.
PO Box 793
Hudson, New York 12534

Line up details will be published in the Hudson Register Star the week of the parade;
They will be posted on the following radio station web sites:
    98.5 FM The Cat
    Cruisin' 93.5 FM
    1230 AM WHUC
And they will be posted on this site under Parade Participants and Lineup