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Parade Participants

2021 Parade Participants

Grand Marshal- Edward Coons Jr.
Grand Marshal- Edward Coons Sr.
Grand Marshal- Peter Novack
Grand Marshal- Robert Laporta
Chatham Fire Department
City of Hudson Fire Dept.
Columbia County Abate
Columbia County Democratic Committee
Columbia County Hazmat Team
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office
Columbia District Pipe Band
Columbia-Greene Media
Cowgirl Up Ranch
Dance University
Dutchess County 
Everlasting Hope Animal Rescue
FASNY Fireman’s Home
Germantown Hose Company #1
Habitat for Humanity Restore
Hathaway’s Helping Hands
Hillsdale Fire Company #1
International Renegade Pig Motorcycle Club
KJ’s Gymnastics
Knights of Columbus
LGBTQool Kids of Columbia County
Philmont Volunteer Fire Company #1
Precious Pounds Pup Inc
RC Lacy Inc
Sternfeld Dance Studio
Stottville Fire Company #2
Taghkanic Fire Company
Wholly Brass Band

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Parade Lineup




Drop Off & Line up for ALL Divisions:

Escort Division

E-1       Hudson Police Department Car & Color guard

E-2       J.W. Hoysdrat Hose Company #8 Drumline

E-3       J.W. Hoysdrat Hose Company #8 Fire Truck

E-4       City of Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson

E-5       City of Hudson Common Council

E-6       Congressman Antonio Delgado

E-7       Everlasting Hope Animal Rescue

E-8       Assembly member Didi Barrett

E-9       Columbia County Democratic Committee

E-10     Salvation Army

E-11     Columbia-Greene Humane Society

E-12     LGBTQool Kid’s of Columbia County

1st Division

1-1         Grand Marshalls Edward Coons Sr. & Edward Coons Jr.

1-2          Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Color guard

1-3          American West Indian Flava

1-4          Hudson  & Red Hook Elks Lodges

1-5          Germantown Hose Company #1

1-6          Holly Tanner

1-7          Dutchess County

1-8          Hathaway’s Helping Hand

1-9          Boy Scout Troop 102

1-10       CBS 6 Albany

1-11       Philmont Volunteer Fire Company #1

1-12       Columbia County Judges

2nd Division

2-1         Grand Marshall Peter Novack

2-2         New York State Police Colorguard

2-3          Wholly Brass Band

2-4          New York State Senator Daphyne Jordan

2-5         Stottville Fire Company #2

2-6          KJ’s Gymnastics

2-7          RC Lacy Inc.

2-8          Knights of Columbus

2-9          WW2 Jeep

2-10       Habitat for Humanity Restore

2-11       Hillsdale Fire Company #1

2-12       Columbia County Abate

3rd Division

3-1         Grand Marshall Robert Laporta

3-2          Columbia District Pipe Band

3-3          A.B. Shaw Fire Department

3-4          Precious Pounds Pups Inc.

3-5          American Legion Post 184

3-6          Columbia-Greene Media

3-7          FASNY Fireman’s Home

3-8          Ichabod Crane Primary School

3-9          Dance Diversity

3-10       Taghkanic Fire Company #1

3-11       Catskill Fire Company

3-12       Steve and Marc cars

3-13       Columbia County Highway Department

4th Division

4-1          Sternfeld Dance Studio

4-2          Chatham Fire Department

4-3          Hyer Ground Rescue

4-4          Greenport Fire Department

4-5         Mid-Hudson Cable

4-6          Animal Kind

4-7          Mellenville Fire Department

4-8          Breezy Lawn Farm- Equestrian Connection Experience

4-9          SMS Paving and Excavation

4-10       Columbia County Hazmat Team

4-11       The Grand Rehabilitation

4-12       Cowgirl Up Ranch

4-13       Columbia Cruisers

4-14       City of Hudson Fire Department

  • Parade line up begins at 2:30 PM. 
  • All parade participants (INCLUDING ALL VEHICLES) must enter the parade line up from Green Street and Fairview Avenue, near Stewart’s.  Participants will be required to check in at that location and will be informed of their number in the lineup which will be marked on the street.  Those marchers that will be on foot should NOT be dropped off at this location.  Some exceptions will be made for disabled and/or elderly participants.
  • Individuals that are in the parade and will be marching, should be dropped off at the intersection of Columbia Street and 8th Street where they can enter the parade route on foot from there.
  • The parade lineup will be posted no later than June 10 and will also be published in the local newspaper and on our face book page. 
  • PLEASE review your application cover sheet to be sure your unit follows all the rules and regulations regarding your participation in the parade.

TAKE NOTE: If participants arrive late, they may not be able to get to their lineup position – especially for all vehicles; PLEASE arrive on time.

See Drop Off Information

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