Parade Drop Off and Lineup Information

Please Check Back as this information will be updated on Friday June 10!

  • Lineup time is 2:30 PM
  • All vehicles that are in the parade as participants must enter the parade line up from Green Street and Fairview Avenue (Stewart’s). All units MUST go through the check in process at the designated area on Green Street. They will be informed of their position in the lineup which will be marked on the road.  There will be NO mobile units entering from any other location.
  • All individuals that are being dropped off for the parade can enter the parade route at the intersection of Columbia Street and 8th Street and they can go to their spot on foot from there. There will be no drop offs allowed on the parade line up road unless they are elderly and/or disabled. 
  • If your organization does not arrive for line up at the required time (ESPECIALLY IN REGARD TO VEHICLES), you may not be allowed access to your location, resulting in being placed at the end of the parade. 
  • Parade steps off at 4 PM. 
  • The distribution of political propaganda and the throwing of candy or items by parade participants is prohibited.  ANYONE WHO DOES NOT ABIDE BY THIS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE PARADE.
  • All participants will assume responsibility for the safety of their vehicles and floats, and for the safety of float construction, riders, power units and tow linkages, as well as for the safety of the spectators and property along the parade route.   ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST FOLLOW GUIDELINES OF THE CDC & COLUMBIA COUNTY DEPT. OF HEALTH IN REGARD TO SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASK WEARING.
  • The lineup of parade participants will be posted on this website and in the newspaper the week before the event.

Be sure the person in charge of your group at the parade contacts all of their participants to let them know about the time and place of your line up. Remember to bring water and whatever else is needed to keep comfortable while you wait for the parade to begin (sunscreen, snacks, hats or umbrellas).